25 May 2018

MAGIC Wedding Box

So ladies,

You might have heard of the beauty boxes like, Glossybox, Birchbox etc., well today I have news of a Bridal box for you – The MAGIC Wedding box. It is a subscription service or a once off box, available to brides in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Steph, the founder of MAGIC Wedding Box gifted me a box to review for you all, and here is what I received and what I thought.


First up, was from Loveli they included a gorgeous sample of their stationery in the box. The one I received was a pearlised, silver toned high quality, pretty stylish invitation and envelope. Not only do they offer wedding invitations, they have on the day stationery, art prints, bridal stationery and unique gifts. They also offer a complimentary consultation too. Check out Their Studio collection, or indeed to book a complimentary consultation for something more bespoke.


Iced & Spliced

These guys sent me a gorgeous pot pourri heart shaped decoration. If their fudges taste as good as this little treat smells, they you must book a consultation. They very fact they choose something that exudes such luxury and opulence gives me a very positive feeling towards their offering. Be sure to check out http://www.icednsliced.co.uk/ for inspiration on flavor combinations and more.

RLS Illustrations

So there are actually 2 stationery offerings within the box, this one from RLS Illustrations is rather an advert of what they offer, as opposed to Loveli’s actual sample. Personally, I would rather a physical sample to see the quality of the product etc. However, I do think the ‘Save The Date’ illustration is very eye catching and would encourage a bride-to-be to check out their site - https://www.rlsillustrations.com/illustrations

The really nice thing about RLS Illustrations is that the company focus on floral stationery, meaning that if floral is your thing; you will have tonnes of choice here. Bridesmaid’s gifts and bespoke design are also available from Rebekah.

Save The Date By Lily


Weddings are a very emotive time, where we often remember people who are no longer living. We also take the time to remember them and to recognise the place they had in our lives. Save The Date By Lily offers amazing award-winning accessories for gifting around your wedding date.

The sample I received in my MAGIC Wedding Box was a Little Brooch for putting on the Flower Girls bouquet. It read ‘Today you’re our flower girl, but one day you will hold the bouquet. Here is something old to carry on your wedding day.

They offer lots of memorial options for the bridal bouquet as well. Be sure to check out https://savethedatebylily.co.uk For more details. The item I received was worth £8.00 and was really a lovely piece and something I think that any bride who is having a flower girl would use, so a great addition to the MAGIC Wedding Box.

Gosh, I have to say I am really enjoying reviewing this box; it is like having a dozen gifts to open! Next up, is a great idea Biodegradable Wedding confetti from Shropshire Petals (www.shropshirepetals.com). In days gone by confetti was a ‘must’ have trend for your wedding. With more and more venues saying no to the non biodegradable variety, it is great to see a UK based company growing their own./

Did I mention the array of colours? The pack I got had blush, purples, creams, reds etc. It was really gorgeous. They offer a really cool pick and mix confetti on their interactive site too and you get 10% off orders over £50 with a discount code, instructions are on the pack, so again a nice little saving by being part of the MAGIC Wedding Box club.

Funky Ribbon

I always say it is the little details that make a lasting impression on your guests. Personalisation really does make a difference. I received a lovely sample from The Funky Ribbon Company. The company specialise in stunning quality ribbons that can be used for favours, shoe laces, stationery etc. https://www.funkyribbon.co.uk The sample I received was a print on ribbon style as opposed to embroidery. They do stickers and other branded items too. Definitely worth a look for a more personalised day!

Sweet Chic

Helen from Sweet Chic sent me a lovely heart shaped white chocolate favour, it was so tasty. I really love chocolate and this little sweet treat was just gorgeous. Helen specialises in wedding cakes, wedding favours and edible centre pieces. Be sure to get in touch if you are looking for tasty treats for your wedding day. http://www.sweetchic.co.uk/wedding-cakes/

Coconut Wax Melts

The lovely Wax melts were also included in the box, beautifully scented and lovely for oil burners. These would make a nice favour addition. They are available through MAGIC Wedding Box directly

Recipe Gift Book

Are you looking for something a little bit different for your wedding from your guests. Traditionally, people would have given something to start you on life’s homeware journey; kettles, toasters and towels were de rigeur. Today most couples have made a start on homemaking already. A really nice thing to request from your guests could be to ask them to gift you a recipe!

Recipe Gift Book is a site that allows your family, friends and guests to submit a recipe, add a photo and even a personal message. Then, on receipt of all the recipes they craft them into a beautiful personalised hardback recipe book for your wedding gift. Each person pays to submit a recipe.

It is a very simple idea, but one that you will refer to time and again as you prepare meals and special treats for each other over the course of your married life. It could be Aunt Sadies’ sponge cake or dear Uncle Freds’ frittata, having all these recipes together in one place, is really a treat for the newlyweds.

Be sure to chat to Corrie about your wedding and your future family heirloom. More details can be found at http://recipegiftbook.com

So that’s it, the MAGIC Wedding Box was really a lovely mix of items for anyone planning their wedding. It presented items that you may not have thought of, in a very natural way. I enjoyed learning about the different items on offer, it really was lovely to go through the box. This would make a gorgeous gift to any newly engaged friends of family or indeed you could gift this to yourself. I wish I getting married again myself, so I could sign up too!

For more information and to sign up to receive your own MAGIC Wedding Box check out https://sprinkleabitofmagic.com

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