08 Feb 2018

What to expect....

Hey there,

So you have said I do and now the planning really gets underway!

Here are the top 5 things challenges that couples planning their wedding from abroad are facing:

This little list might just help you in terms of what to expect.

1. Venue visits

You really want to see the venue before you book it but you won't be home to allow that to happen.

I can do a site review trip for you, taking videos and photos for you and reporting back in an honest way on what the venue is really like.

I will show you things you might never see online or in a wedding brochure!

2. Legal paperwork

The little thing I like to call 'Wed-ministration.'!

These items can be really trying and difficult to sort from afar, especially with the time difference. I am on hand to help with that too.

3. Deposits

Trying to process deposits from say Australia or Dubai can be expensive and a bit of a pain, feel free to avail of my service, whereby I can process the deposit from my account on your behalf for you.

4. Available Celebrant/Officiant

You are unable to find a priest/officiant available to perform your wedding ceremony, contact me, you just never know I might know someone available.

5. Selecting a Band or other supplier?

You love how the band sound on their website but how do they look?

Will they wear appropriate attire on the day? Just ask, I have gone and listened to numerous bands, singers, choirs etc. on behalf of couples-to-be abroad, I maybe able to answer your query and put your mind at ease.

These are just some of the things I can help you with. For a full service menu and price list, just drop me a note.

I have been asked to do some very interesting things in the past! Ciara@abrideabroad.ie

Much love and happy planning,


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