30 Jan 2018

Top Tip Tuesday

Hey Everyone,

So it's a while since I did a 'Top Tip Tuesday' apologies.

I've been so busy planning dream days that my tips have been left behind somewhat.

Anyway, back to tips, Todays top tip is to give your guests plenty of notice of your wedding date.

The easiest way to do to this is to send Save the Dates!

The good folk at Paperless Post have made this a walk in the park for couples planning their weddings.

They have a massive selection of cards and styles for you to choose from.

You can then bulk send out your cards via email.

You can track who has opened your invite, you can even do RSVP's etc.

It's super affordable and easy to keep an eye on your guest list.

In fact, you might love it so much that you decide to do Paperless invitations as well!

Check out www.paperlesspost.com

This is a tip you simply have to share.

Much love and Happy Planning,


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