13 Sep 2017

Correct Form

Hi Everyone,

So every day I am asked the same question, what is the correct way to word our wedding invitations?

These days there are all sorts of families.

Couples are paying for their own weddings, some people might be getting married for a second time etc.

However, if you wish to know the old fashioned formal way of address (for parents where both parents are married) it is as follows:

Mr and Mrs John Standish

request the pleasure of

your company at the marriage

of their daughter



Mr Christopher John Herbert

At St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge

On Saturday 15th March 2016

at 3 o’clock

and afterwards at

The Hyde Park Hotel, London SW1

The RSVP address is then included in the bottom left hand corner of the invitation.

Much love and happy planning,


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