12 Sep 2017

Stylish Hen Idea

Hey ladies,

This weekend I had the absolute honour of attending the hen party of a bride I am working with.

It was such a pleasure to meet all her friends and family before the big day.

I have to say the bridesmaids in this wedding party are amazing.

Everything was planned seamlessly.

One of the absolute highlights for me was the Floral Crown Workshop that we did.

Not only did we all get to sip on some bubbles whilst learning how to create something individual.

We got to chat and enjoy each others company too.

It was amazing to see how we all created something so different and individual with the same instructions and flowers to work with.

The workshop was lead by Space to Grow (www.spacetogrow.ie) and our very pleasant teacher was Natalie.

Some might think a workshop might be rather tame for a Hen Party but the bubbles and the creativity meant a really relaxed and fun afternoon for all.

The flowers smelled amazing and lasted all night too.

Yes ladies, we all wore our flower crowns out on the town that night.

In fact our lovely bride to be even wore it on the train home to Dublin!

If you have the opportunity to try Flower Crown making I would most definitely recommend Space to Grow.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of how we got on.

Suffice to say, all 20 of us loved it.

Much love and happy planning,


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