22 Aug 2017

Where to Honeymoon?

Hey there,

So as you guys know my husband and I honeymooned in The Maldives.

We had huge hopes for our romantic 2 weeks in paradise.

Unfortunately for us, the resort (all 5 stars of it) was hit with a mega bug and everyone got sick.

The first 4 days were idyllic and the last 2 days we were starting to come around, but the days in the middle were rough!

A suitcase full of new lingerie left Ireland with the tags on and came home with the tags on :)

It was such a shame but really there wasn't anything that could be done.

The doctors were literally running out of dehydration sachets!

Not plesant.

On hindsight (a great thing that), we would have been better off waiting a few months and going on our honeymoon after the wedding.

A trend that is definitely emerging in Ireland.

Maybe taking a couple of nights or even a week in Europe.

The travel from Ireland to The Maldives was really long, again if we did do that again, we would most definitely do a multi centre stop over in say, Dubai.

This gives your body time to adjust to the time zones, temperature and actually to get some rest after what will have been an amazing day and time with family and friends.

You will be elated, yes, but you will also be tired.

Don't get me wrong The Maldives were amazing, but if we hadn't been so tired/run down from the wedding preps we may not have gotten so sick.

So think about where you want to go, when you want to go and then try to plan the best 'way' to go.

Giving yourself plenty of time and the main thing is to enjoy the time as newlyweds, it's a really special time.

Does it really matter if the beach is in Europe, The Maldives or County Kerry?

Much love and happy planning,


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