13 Jun 2017

Flowers Forever

Hey Everyone,

So you have spent months planning your floral decor.

Will it be hydrangeas or roses or peonies?

All of a sudden the day is over and the flowers start to wilt and die.

That seems a little sad and depressing to me.

So how about your preserve your flowers.

Preserving flowers isn't anything new but traditionally it was the trend to dry and frame the bouquet.

What about creating something you can admire everyday, on your desk.

A paperweight?

Not only that, you can actually do it yourself.

What a lovely project.

All you need is a little time, some resin and your flowers.

YouTube and Pinterest are full of easy ways to do this.

If you want some professional help, you can of course check out: https://www.flowerpreservationworkshop.co.uk/

Much love and happy planning,


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