29 Mar 2017

Shopping like crazy?

Hi Girls,

I hope you are well today, so you got engaged and now the exciting bit, planning the wedding.

Are you picking up bits and pieces everywhere, thinking this will look great in the bathrooms, this is a perfect fit for the table decor etc.

Is your spare room getting full?

We all love getting a bargain and hunting down bits and pieces, I am guilty myself.

Plus with online shopping a click away, it is easy to go crazy.

I would advise getting someone to visit your venue for you, I can do this or get a family friend involved.

Then draw up a visual list of what you need and what you think that you have that cold work in each part of the room.

Then return all the other bits and bobs you have been accumulating and use that extra money for something you really have your heart set on.

Hopefully you will feel much more organised and in control afterwards.

Sometimes less is more!

Much love and happy planning,


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