03 Feb 2017

5 dresses under €500

Hi Ladies,

Many of you might be starting the wedding dress hunt this weekend, lucky you.

It was definitely one of the most enjoyable part of my wedding preps!

Who doesn't love spending time looking at gowns, being admired by their gal pals etc. etc?

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight that the dress doesn't have to blow the budget though.

Today, I have sourced 5 really lovely dresses that are under the €500 mark.

So if you are tight on budget or perhaps want to have a second dress for the dancing, buying any of these lovely ones would be suitable.

Also, remember any dress can be embellished to make it more personal.

I would highly recommend The Zip Yard franchise for their ability to customise and adjust anything.

They have outlets nationwide.

Much love and happy planning,


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