01 Feb 2017

Wedding Regrets

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing with you some wedding regrets from real brides.

There were just 6 in the article and it was very interesting to me that 2 of them related to not having a planner.

Be that an 'On the day' coordination person, or a full planner.

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Here are the highlights:

Not Hiring a Planner

"The worst regret that I talk about to this day is not hiring a wedding coordinator that was an outside vendor from my venue. I was late to my own wedding. I hated my wedding pictures. And my dress was not The One. I wish I had someone with experience to drive the planning along the way and help me be on time on day-of."—Karina

Hiring One of My Mom's Friends

"I let my mom help me find a day-of coordinator, a friend she wanted to use. I had a bad feeling about her after a couple meetings, but at that point there wasn't much time before the wedding. My mom said not to worry, but I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Well, she ended up not showing up to help with anything, leaving me and my family to have to do more than we bargained for. Luckily, everyone pitched in, including my mom's neighbor who really ended up saving the day. I wish I'd have stuck with my gut and hired a professional." —Callie

With so many of you planning your weddings from far away shores, time difference alone is a great reason to hire someone to help.

Often, couples forget that the venues' wedding planner is only there to oversee things at the venue and not all other aspects of your wedding.

So feel free to get in touch for a quotation at Ciara@abrideabroad.ie

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