05 Oct 2016

Fly Away With Me!

Hi Gals,

I hope you are well today.

I was thinking, seeing as you are all far from home a wedding cake that incorporates a travel theme might be appropriate.

Check out some of these for inspiration.

They were all found on Pinterest, but if you are looking for a cake supplier that can turn their hand to any design, I would highly recommend Amazing Cakes (www.amazingcakes.ie).

Their cakes look fantastic, but in addition, they taste superb, which is so important.

I always recommend having your cake in a pro/minent position at the drinks reception too, so that people actually notice it and admire it.

So often, a cake is left in the banqueting suite and no one really notices it.

A cake as ornate as these needs to be admired!

Much love and happy planning,



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