02 Aug 2016

Top Tip Tuesday

Hi Ladies,

This is a new feature I am going to do, Top Tip Tuesday.

This is where I give you brides a top tip from my experience in wedding planning.

They will range from the venue, to flowers, ceremony to dresses.

All with the aim of helping you with your wedding planning.

The first top tip is for the day after the wedding.

What about offering your guests soup and a sandwich before departure?

We all know breakfast finishes early (for those who get up for it) and for those who miss it, a soup and sandwich is a very welcome sight!

If soup isn't appropriate (summer wedding), then you could go with fancy looking breakfast rolls, tastefully delivered of course.

Keep an eye out next week for my next top tip.

If you are struggling with anything, please feel free to drop me a note and I can answer your query via a top tip!

I'm on Ciara@abrideabroad.ie

Much love and happy planning,


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