20 Jun 2016

House of Brides

Hi Everyone,

So you are trying to find the bridesmaids dresses, and you have trawled the internet and the shops and hopefully you have find what you are looking for.

You may now be thinking of buying your dresses online to save a few euro.

We have all considered it.

My advice is to go with a reputable supplier, that has been tried and trusted.

I have done my research and would be happy to recommend House of Brides for bridesmaids dresses.

I ordered 2 dresses from them, one for my sister (who was pregnant) and one for my sister who had recently had her first baby.

We ordered the sizes that we thought would be most suited.

Knowing that one sister was gaining weight (the expectant mum) and one was trying to shed the baby pounds (the new mum).

The dresses arrived in good time, yes, we did pay customs on them, roughly €70.

The dresses needed to be altered, length wise and for my expectant sister.

We had ordered too big for her, in the end.

The alterations cost approx. €30 and the dresses worked out, at €300 total for the two of them.

Way more affordable than ones I had sourced locally.

So would I recommend online shopping for bridesmaids dresses?Absolutely.

Would I recommend House of Brides? Definitely, without any hesitation.

If there is a supplier you are not sure about, please just drop me a line on Ciara@abrideabroad.ie.

I might just have tried them already and can give you honest advice on my experience of them.

Much love and happy planning,


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