20 Jun 2016

Even an electricity outage can't extinguish love!

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all well today.

I wanted to bring this story to your attention.

Annie who is from Dublin, but based in Perth planned her wedding from abroad, just like many of you are doing now.

She has contacted me to bring this issue to my attention, as she feels it important for other brides.

Annie choose a venue in Wexford for her day and never thought to ask regarding back up power, in case of an outage.

I mean why would you right?

It is not the first thing that would spring to mind.

However, just as the band took their break the electricity went!

This meant people standing around in the dark, no music, no dancing and many guests left!

Poor Annie and Antoine were devastated, luckily a wedding guest was an electrician and managed to get things back on track, but the venue didn't have a generator or a back up plan, no candles to hand even.

Please do think to ask your venue this question: Do you have a back up electricity generator, same goes for water, what if the water goes?

With all the glamping venues and alternative locations for weddings these days it is an important question to raise.

Please note, I didn't help Annie with her wedding plans, she was just kind enough to bring this to my attention for other brides out there.

She has told me though, she wished she used my venue visit service, as I would have raised this question to the venue directly.

More on this story here: http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/fashion/weddings/our-wedding-story-power-outage-brings-big-day-to-early-end-1.2685572

Much love and happy planning,


Image: Deirdre Ridgway
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