08 Jun 2016

Which neckline?

Hi Everyone,

Well you have been excited about shopping for your wedding dress for some time, I suspect.

The actual first visit to a bridal shop can be a bit daunting: Which silhouette? What colour?Veil? Headpiece? Sleeves no sleeves? Long? Straight? Backless?

All the considerations and questions and all you wanted was to find 'the one'!

I have been there myself and to be honest, it can be a little overwhelming.

I found this handy little visual that might help you get a sense of neckline styles and at least when the shop assistant is asking you what you are looking for, you might just feel like you are speaking the same language.

Much love and happy planning,


A Bride Abroad tip - Bring pictures of styles of wedding dress you like with you, even if you don't know the dress descriptions a good shop will be able to advise if they have what you are looking for straight away.

Image credit: Rock My Wedding

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