30 May 2016

Key questions for your photographer

Hi Ladies,

Happy Monday, I hope you are well today.

Just came across this super handy list of questions for you to run by your photographer.

My biggest regret from my own wedding was that we spent too much time doing photos and not enough time enjoying our drinks reception.

My feeling was, once the formalities at the church were over, I had the urge to just enjoy the day and my friends and family.

However, due to the 'light' and all other requirements by the photographer, we needed to press on and get the photography done.

To be honest, my photographer didn't even want me to take a loo break!

The fact I was feeling forced to do tho photos definitely came out in the finished product.

My advice would be to get as much photography done at the church/service. as you can.

You can even get the formal portrait type family snaps done there, then you are free to enjoy the rest of your day!

Much love and happy planning,


Image via Buzzfeed

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