19 Feb 2016

Looking for a Videographer?

Hey ladies,

Are you on the hunt for a videographer?

Do you want your wedding DVD to looking like Francis Ford Coppola directed and produced it?

Then look no further than Richard Gill (www.richardgill.ie).

I am speaking from personal experience here, he has done a number of weddings for my brides, but he is also the man I choose for my own big day.

He is just superb, professional, approachable, dependable but most of all, he captures the beauty and essence of your day, without being on top of you.

A master of his trade.

If you are lucky enough that he is available on your wedding day, book him immediately, you won't be disappointed.

Tell him Ciara from A Bride Abroad recommended him, he might even give you a discount!

Much love and happy planning,


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