01 Oct 2017

Planning from Bermuda

As we live in Bermuda but are originally from Ireland we had a clear vision of what we wanted our big day to be but needed someone on the ground to act as a reliable arbiter of our expectations.

We found Ciara immediately dependable and responsive. She 'got' what we were after and turned out to be invaluable in vetting venues, helping us choose a band, source a cake, find the right church, make contact with the priest and get information on local B&B?s for guests not staying at the castle ? all the things we could not physically do ourselves.

For example, we narrowed our choice of venue down to 4 castles all of which Ciara either had been to or was able to view on our behalf and give honest, unbiased feedback on. We had been recommended a band by some friends so we asked Ciara to attend one of their gigs and report back. She loved them, we used them and they proved to be a huge hit with all the guests. We wanted a biscuit cake designed in a very modern style, again Ciara sourced the right person to make this at a reasonable price.

One of the big issues we faced was the time difference of 4 hours between Bermuda and Ireland so contacting service providers was a challenge to us that Ciara was able to navigate. Being local and on the ground was a major assistance.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and there is no doubt that she has a passion for her role. It is also clear that she has a genuine interest in making every aspect of the wedding a success, you could describe her as an extra bridesmaid!

We have no problem in wholeheartedly recommending the services of A Bride abroad.

Elaine and David - Bermuda

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